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SEO services for small business

With our  SEO services see your website at a higher rank so that you dont miss out opportunities to represent your brand to every related searches.

Organic SEO

The term organic refers to the little need for paid promotion rather focusing on website contents and keywords and better link building to rank higher on search results to get the desired result.

E-commerce SEO

If you have an E-Commerce website then our SEO services will help you to showcase your products at the crowded sector. Brand visibility will be viable with our SEO services.

Online Reputation Management

Once your business is global then ORM is essential as you cant control what people say about your brand. ORM is needed for controlling disgruntling customers who try to let your brand down even if you take all the business steps perfectly.

Local SEO

If you want to rank higher to the local search results and your service area is limited then Local SEO helps a lot to flourish your business locally.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is also an essential tool to rank higher. with the help of Social media,guest posts, link building method we can help your website rank higher.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is essential to create a bridge between the brand and the consumers,the two way communication not only helps brand building it also helps to rank higher on search results.

Why Search Engine Optimization is needed?

Here are the Top benefits of SEO for small business in India

1.Reach your greater audience

Did you know that google records 3.5 billion searches daily? majority of your would be clients do an online search before making a sale decision or visit your physical store. With proper SEO you have a lesser chance to miss those searches that can be converted to sale. With such statistics it only make sense to make sure your get your SEO right.

2.SEO delivers qualified traffic/ leads

with a well done SEO, your business website improves on ranking and this result to more qualified leads bearing that nearly 75% of user click on the first page results.

3.Improves User Experience on your website

Users will spend a lot more of their time on your website if the experience is much better, remember the more time they spend on your site the higher the chance you can convert them.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Experts in India For Instance

let’s do a quick test.

1. Search for your business, product, or service on Google.

2. Look through pages 1 to 3 on the search result pages.

Did you find your name or business name? If you didn’t, your customers won’t find you either. We need to talk!

In short, grow your business online. Our portfolio includes some of our most prominent works. Let us make your website stand out! Above all what does it take to reach up to the target audience? Search Engine Optimization is the only strategy to drive in more traffic to your website via Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., Artlantic– is a well known- SEO Company in Kolkata, India. Artlantic offers Website Design in Kolkata ,India the best SEO Services in Kolkata ,India, with dozens of happy clients across the globe. We have a client from all the industry verticals. To sum up, they rely on us for their SEO campaigns and to rank them high on SEO.

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